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Hypertension Service

Join our Hypertension Case Finding Service to monitor and manage your blood pressure effectively, ensuring a healthier, more controlled lifestyle.

NHS Stop Smoking

Embark on a smoke-free journey with our Stop Smoking support. Personalised advice and treatments to help you quit successfully.

Morning After Pill

Confidential & compassionate care when you need it most. Our Morning After Pill service offers peace of mind. Book Now or walk in!

Minor Ailments

Our Minor Ailments service offers effective treatments for everyday health conditions. Book Now or walk into store to get treated.

NHS Prescriptions

Effortlessly manage your health with our NHS prescription service. Quick, reliable, and tailored to meet your healthcare needs.

Flu Vaccinations

Stay protected with our Flu Vaccination service. Convenient, safe, and essential for maintaining your health during flu season.

Broomwood Pharmacy

Who are we?

Broomwood Pharmacy is not just a place to pick up medications; it’s a hub of health advice and support

Broomwood Pharmacy in Altrincham stands as a quintessential example of a community-focused pharmacy, deeply rooted in the heart of its local area. Known for its personalised care and attention to detail, this pharmacy prides itself on offering a wide range of healthcare services beyond just dispensing prescriptions. Its reputation is built upon the trust and loyalty of its customers, who appreciate the knowledgeable and friendly team.

Broomwood Pharmacy - Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First Service

From January 2024, Broomwood Pharmacy will introduce the innovative Pharmacy First service, a transformative approach to primary healthcare.

This service is designed to ease the burden on the NHS by allowing patients to consult directly with pharmacists for minor ailments and common health issues. Patients can receive expert advice, treatment recommendations, and over-the-counter medications without needing a GP appointment. The Pharmacy First service aims to provide quicker, more accessible healthcare solutions for non-urgent conditions, ensuring that everyone has immediate access to the care they need.

What Our Patients Say

Mark oconnell
Mark oconnell
28 September 2023
Just great team very nice to talk to.
8 July 2023
hi always ready with my script cant fault edward, sarah, matt and the team
Pranesh Rana
Pranesh Rana
5 March 2023
Friendly staff and the price of certain medicines are reasonable compare to other pharmacy
Lily L.
Lily L.
14 July 2022
Kind, supportive and nice team👍
Samantha Maxwell
Samantha Maxwell
1 November 2021
Great friendly service. Very helpful. Highly recommend
Jim Sheikh
Jim Sheikh
22 February 2021
I changed from timperly town pharmacy Wells The pharmacist there is awful so is the staff so I decided to give broomwood pharmacy a try My god what a brilliant team I cannot praise them enough always helpful to when you call up the order and also will go out a mile to help you Also the driver who delivers is also friendly I couldn't praise this pharmacy enough 5 stars more like 10 stars ⭐ Thank you and keep up the hard work

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